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Currently | June 2019

And that’s May done, I always find this month races through with the bank holidays breaking up the routine. There’s been a lot going on at work not including a birthday and my first baby sprinkle with a boat shaped nappy/diaper cake. (See my Instagram account for pictures!) So what else have I been getting up to?

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DITL | May 2019

I saw the idea for this post on another site, sorry I cant remember where, and thought it was a great way to show you a day in my life by sharing a photo of what I was doing on each hour of my day.

As it was a Tuesday, I was at work and then had theatre rehearsal :

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Fab Five Friday

Fab Five Friday | It’s Sandal Weather

The recent change in weather has brought out all the summer dresses and sandals, and a long overdue reason to slick pretty colours on my toenails.

Personally, my tastes in toe polish tend to run bolder and sparklier than those I’d wear on my hands, so what is in my top five?

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Packing | Eurocamp Extras

Eurocamp Extras

It’s heading up to summer hols season and thousands will be hopping the Channel to stay with Eurocamp. My husband and I have loved both our trips, so we wanted to share the little extras to bring in your suitcase to make your holiday that little bit better.

Eurocamp does provide most of what you need, but bedding and towels vary between accommodation types and locations so don’t forget to check!


I will also point out that Eurocamp does provide Essentials packs, which we didn’t buy as we had space in the car and felt that we could spend less bringing our own kit.

So what are my packing tips?

Please note this is not an exhaustive list and is just the few extras, on top of the standard self catering packing list that will help your stay be amazing!

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Fab Five Friday

Fab Five Friday | Eyes

In case it wasn’t painfully obvious, I am not a beauty guru. The spirit is willing, but as a long sighted glasses wearer, I find it difficult to execute the pretty looks you see on YouTube and Instagram.

So with that in mind, what are my Fab Five eye makeup picks?

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Fab Five Friday

Fab Five Friday | Bumblebees

It appears that spring is definitely here now, and the bumblebees are bumbling their way around the garden.

So here’s a Fab Five round up of all things bumblebee …

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Currently | May 2019

Soooo, it’s been a while since I was last on here … sorry.

Last Autumn I decided to fulfil a lifelong ambition and joined an amateur musical theatre company in my spare time. I inadvertently chose one which is of a semi-professional level, I think it’s fair to say, and the level of my fellow performers was incredibly high and as such I had a steep learning curve (and still do) to be able to give them the support the principals need in my chorus role. Time wise, it took up more than I anticipated and as it was all new, I didn’t want to add anything else just in case.

Six months later and I have now performed in my first show, and have just begun rehearsals for the next. As such, some of my content will be related to this new part of my life and I look forward to sharing with you.

In the meantime, let’s have a look at what I’ve been up to Currently ….

Currently May 2019


The view from my back window. I enjoy living in the suburbs – I am definitely not a proper country girl – but I love looking out the window and seeing the sheep grazing in the field across the way.


All the mobile phone games! My current obsession is Lemmings! I never played this when I was younger, and I am definitely making up time now. Thankfully the time it takes to for the energy to renew is slowing me down. I love a good platformer game, so if you have any to recommend on Android please let me know.


Roller blades. Last Friday I went to a roller disco, and after a brief and comedic stint in roller skates or quads, I switched to hiring a pair of blades. I haven’t worn a pair since I was a teenager and I was surprised how easy it was to get back into it, not that I’m any good at it but at least I didn’t fall over. I’m looking forward to going back and hopefully learning how to stop without the use of splatting into the wall 🙂


Sooo many songs. Last Autumn I joined a musical theatre group and took part in my first production in March. I thought learning around 13 songs, plus dialogue and dancing, was a lot but our next show is a concert featuring fifty (!) songs of our last 100 years as a group. I won’t need to learn all fifty, as some of those are male voices only, as well as solos/duets/trios, but there’s still a lot to learn.


With the May Bank Holiday weekend, I’m looking forward to finishing some of the DIY projects I started at Easter, including finishing off decorating my Moppe drawers from Ikea. Hopefully the weather will hold out, and I can sit outside in the garden whilst painting and varnishing.


Hope you have a great Bank Holiday weekend. This post will be shared as part of a link up with Anne in Residence, so please check her main post out for other linkups!